Laboratory Instrument Qualification, Calibration & Maintenance Level-II

Who should attend and objective:  
This course is designed for:

  • All personnel who have assigned responsibilities within the organisation’s laboratories department

This course outlines the requirements in developing and maintaining an advanced effective qualification, performance verification, and calibration program for analytical instrumentation. Individuals who are responsible for or involved with any aspect of the procurement, qualification, calibration or maintenance of laboratory instrumentation will enhance their job performance by attending this course

This course is complementary to the level-I

The instructor will lead interactive discussions, which include:

  • Identifying functional instrument requirements
  • Evaluating acceptance criteria

Course duration: 5 days
Course location:

Course contents:

For the following instruments:
1- Infrared  (IR) spectrophotometer
2- Ultraviolet - visible (UV) spectrophotometer
3- Gas chromatography (GC)
4- Ion chromatography (IC)
5- High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
The following point will be covered in details:

  • Understanding the correct use of the instrument
  • Understanding the limitations of the instrument
  • Instrument Lifecycle
  • Instrument Identification/Functional requirements/Functional specifications/Design qualification/Measurement Uncertainty
  • Carrying out preventive maintenance
  • Replacement of spares
  • Care of electrical parts
  • Care of optical parts
  • Aligning optics
  • Calibration / Re-qualification Program
  • Special procedures Schedule / interval Limits of accuracy and precision Remedial action
  • Decommissioning the instrument
  • Personnel Training
  • Contract Calibration and Maintenance
  • Managing the Calibration Program Manual Computerized
  • Open discussion