Who should attend and objective:  
The course is designed for inspectors & pressure vessels & piping specialists and welding inspectors

The following outline describes the course and its content. The course duration is designed for those with a basic experience with welding document review NDT experience and implementing the API document requirements. This is the original format from CODEWEST for the API-570 course and has been very successful in preparing candidates for examination

The course is based on the basic knowledge an API-570 Authorized Pressure Piping Inspector should be familiar with as specified in the API-570 “Body of Knowledge”

Course Duration: 5 days
Course location:

Course Content:

  • Welding requirements:

Detailed introductory review of ASME Section IX, B31.3 and API-570 welding requirements covering basic Section IX & B31.3 requirements for PQR, WPS & WPQ review, heat treatment, MDMT and API-570 alternative methods for repairs & alterations.


  • NDE Requirements:

Review of the NDE requirements in 570 and reference to ASME Section V


  • API Documents:

Includes review of each document in class and review of actual past test questions and practice questions. Time is allowed for pertinent class discussion concerning application of the requirements and explanations. Many questions on the API standards are closed book during the actual examination and a good memory is important. This section covers both the base Piping Inspection Code and API RP 574 on how, what and when to inspect piping.


  • ASME B31.3 & B16.5:

Coverage of all the areas of design and NDE outlined in the “Body of Knowledge”. This includes Flange design as outlined in 16.5.


  • Practice Examination Review Work:

1. The final day touches on the new additions such as Risk Based Inspection and Fitness For Service, allows time to go over areas of concern from the class and conduct a mock examination.
2. In addition to the material presented during class each day there will be homework assignments in the evenings and opportunities to review material again with the instructors.