Dynamic Viscosity and Rheology of Petroleum using Brookfield Rheometer

Who should attend and objective: 
This course is designed for:

  • All personnel who have assigned responsibilities within the organisation’s laboratories department

This course outlines the requirements in defining the function of the dynamic viscometer Brookfield Rheometer and usage application within the oilfield (
Brookfield Programmable Rheometers LV DV-III  as practical case)

The course will be five days class lectures to study according to updated information & technology the methods of rheological measurements and its application in oil producing fields then focusing on the viscosity measurements specially the waxy crude oils

At the end of course attendee shall have string background about viscosity, rheological mathematical models and software used and will be able to use the Brookfield Programmable Rheometers LV DV-III and professionally know its benefits and technical capabilities

Course duration: 10 days
Course location:

Course contents:
1st Week:

  • Day-1

Making rheological measurements
Classification of petroleum products

  • Day-2

Correlation between   petroleum composition  and viscosity
Basic concept on rheology

  • Day-3

Overview on kinematics and dynamic viscosities
Rheological behavior for waxy crude and effect of flow improver
General model for the rheology of waxy oils

  • Day-4

Newtonian and non- Newtonian Fluids
Rheological mathematical models

  • Day-5

Overview on Rheocalc software

2nd Week
Experimental study

  • Practice on a Brookfield Programmable Rheometers LV DV-III 
  • ULTRA and HA DV-III ULTRA in conjunction with Brookfield 
  • Rheocalc V.2 software;  i.e.  How the Brookfield Viscometer Works