Chemical Solution Preparation In Laboratories & Different Methods Of Standardization

Who should attend and objective: 
This course is designed for the laboratories chemists & technicians to have an overview about the chemical solutions preparation methods & basic instruments & equipments needed & relevant measurement basics, also attendees will go through different standardization methods & basic safety aspects should be applied within the lab

Course Duration: 5 days
Course location:

Course contents:

  • First day

Numbers in Analytical Chemistry
Fundamental Units of Measure
Significant Figures
Units for Expressing Concentration
1 -Molarity and Formality
2 -Normality
3 -Molality
4 -Weight, Volume, and Weight-to-Volume Ratios
Converting Between Concentration Units
Conservation of Mass

  • Second day

Basic Equipment and Instrumentation
1 -Instrumentation for Measuring Mass
2 -Equipment for Measuring Volume
3 -Equipment for Drying Samples
4-Preparing Solutions
4.1 Preparing Stock Solutions
4.2 Preparing Solutions by Dilution

  • Third day

Practical aspects

  • Fourth day

Calibrations, Standardizations, and Blank Corrections
Calibrating Signals
Standardizing Methods
Reagents Used as Standards
Single-Point versus Multiple-Point

  • External Standards
  • Standard Additions
  • Internal Standards
  • Blank Corrections


  • Fifth day

Basics of laboratory safety and equipment