Advanced Gas Chromatography

Who should attend and objective: 
Gas chromatography is the technique of choice for the separation of thermally stable and volatile organic and inorganic compounds. Gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) accomplishes the separation by partitioning the components of a chemical mixture between a moving (mobile) gas phase and a stationary liquid phase held on a solid phase. Gas—solid chromatography (GSC) uses a solid adsorbent as the stationary phase. The availability of versatile and specific detectors and the possibility of coupling the gas chromatograph to a mass spectrometer or as infrared spectrophotometer further enhance the usefulness of gas chromatography.
This program intends comprehensively to highlight and discuss in details the components of the technique, its use, trouble shooting, maintenance, calibration, interface with other techniques and some practical workshops to familiarize the theoretical information into practice
The program explores other use for the GC, particularly the methods development for new compounds in research and development area and how this technique can be very powerful detection when it is used with other techniques such as Mass Spectroscopy or High Performance Liquid Chromatography

After completion of the course the participants will be able:

  • To build extensive understanding and excellent skills in gas chromatography technology and associated techniques used.
  • To operate the gas chromatography equipment in the safest and best practical way.
  • To build up the knowledge and skills on how to maintain gas chromatography and able to train others, particularly the graduates and new comers.
  • To calibrate gas chromatography and produce results with the highest precision and accuracy and reliable source
  • To manage trouble shooting and identifying the source of the problem and the scientific method of eliminating the problem from reoccurring.
  • To develop new methods and procedures development for new tests and using it in research and development projects
  • The courses is designed for analytical chemists, laboratory supervisors, laboratory technicians, GC technicians, research and development scientists, instrument specialists, and quality assurance/control managers

Course Duration: 5 days
Course location: Cairo

Course contents:

  • Chromatography techniques
  • Gas Chromatography technique
  • Sample preparation
  • GC components
  • GC columns
  • GC detectors
  • GC carriers
  • Electronic devices connected to GC
  • Maintenance and calibration of gas chromatographic instrument
  • Trouble shootings and their solutions
  • Interpretation of test results and analysis
  • GC Methods and processes development 
  • Combination of gas chromatographic technique with other techniques
  • Basic instructions and advanced operating procedures
  • Interface and overlaps of mixed chemicals
  • Practical workshop for using gas chromatography