Measurement Uncertainty in Testing Laboratories

Who should attend and objective: 
Calibration engineers & technicians, to enable them to understand the role and importance of the uncertainty in testing laboratories & its effect in measurements and how to determine it and the procedures to be followed to reduce it

Course Duration: 5 days
Course location:

Course contents:

  • The process of uncertainty estimation:
  • Identification of the uncertainty sources
  • Quantifying the uncertainty component
  • Converting to standard uncertainties
  • Quantifying combined uncertainty
  • Interpreting and reporting the measurement results
  • Practical consequences of variability of the results - compliance with
  • Regulatory limits
  • Possible actions to reduce the uncertainty
  • Optimization of testing strategy and experiment design
  • Practical exercise

  • Traceability in Chemical Measurements

1. Definition and Explanation of Traceability
2. Traceability of the results and QA system
3. International System of Quantities and Units (SI)
4. Traceability of equipment: calibration, “history” of usage, long-term
5. Performance and system suitability
6. Traceability of a measuring standard: certified reference material,
7. Reference materials, and analytical standards
8. Influence of measurement condition on traceability of the results
9. Practical exercise