Techniques Of Simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma-optical Emission Spectroscopy

Who should attend and objective: 
Laboratory technicians, analytical chemists, laboratory supervisors, research and development scientists, microbiologists, food technologists and quality assurance/control managers
Course Duration:
5 days
Course location:

Course contents:

  • Theory

1. Basic principles
2. ICP instrumentation
3. Vista hardware
4. Vista optimization
5. Interferences and corrections
6. Analysis considerations
7. Troubleshooting & maintenance

  • Laboratory Practical

1. Vista setup and operation
2. Vista optimization
3. Detection limits
4. Background Correction
5. Physical interferences
6. Vista maintenance
7. Spectral interference (inter-element) checks
8. Spectral interferences (use of F.A.C.T.)
9. Dynamic Range and multiple wavelengths