HPLC: Fundamentals, Applications & Troubleshooting

Who should attend and objective: 
Those who would benefit most from this basic course would be those wanting to begin using HPLC or those with only a few months experience.
This course could be of interest to anyone who will be doing hands on HPLC. This might include researchers whose main field is not chemistry, chemists who have not done chromatography, or technicians who have new responsibilities in this area. All will learn from this basic HPLC course so they have a better understanding of the principles involved to get better results of their HPLC work.

Course Duration:
5 days
Course location:

Course contents:

  • Chromatography theory
  • HPLC system components
  • Modes of chromatography
  • Column configurations
  • Bonding chemistry
  • Using the reversed phase mode
  • Care and maintenance of columns
  • Maintenance of the LC system
  • Troubleshooting separation problems
  • Internet help